Age of Aquarius Meaning

As the world becomes ever more driven by self-seeking interest, it could be a good time to mention that the glorification of our egos is not the point of this exercise we call life. The point is love and loving and caring – and if you haven’t gotten that memo yet – well you might look in your inbox, the one called your soul, because that’s where you’ll find the meaningful life you’ve been looking for.

Age of Aquarius is Now

Age of Aquarius – all rhetoric aside – is now, and the time for connecting with humanity on a deep level can’t wait another day. So, let’s begin with something simple. You know how easy it is to visualize something for yourself? You want a new car – you visualize it – you go get it. You want new jeans – you visualize them – you get them. You want anything – you visualize it – and you get it. You get the point. Focusing our thoughts and our intentions on ourselves is easy – we do it every day.

Power of our Minds

But how often do we take even a second of our time to visualize someone else’s life being better. And doing that is super easy too. See that baby crying – visualize it smiling. See that person looking for a job – visualize them finding one. See that person trying to hail a cab – visualize that for them too. See that homeless person – visualize something good coming into their lives. Because the power of our minds is so vast and so beyond our own comprehension that the smallest of visual thoughts can change the lives of others, not just our own, and sharing our power and our gifts is what the Age of Aquarius meaning is all about.

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