Common Personality Traits: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Let’s take a look at air sign qualities. What traits are common to the air element? The air signs are: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. The air element is connected to our mind – it’s about communication and the fact that we humans think! Yes, think. Maybe some of us don’t do a lot of our own thinking but that’s because the mind is so easily distracted and always moving from one place to another, just like the air outside, the air in nature. Our minds are always looking for something new, like a breath of fresh Air!

Air Sign Qualities

In our lives, the element Air represents the conversations we have with people, what we read and learn, our sense of humor, our relationships (that’s a big one), who and how we socialize, and what connects us as people. It’s all about connections!

Air Sign People

Air symbolizes people who are journalists, writers, diplomats, comedians, and idealists who make a statement in the world. Some really great people have been born under an Air sign. People like Gandhi, Lincoln, Mozart, and Anne Frank…and present day thinkers like Jimmy Carter, Rosa Parks, John Lennon, and Oprah.

These people all had ideas and they wanted to share those ideas with us. But don’t get the impression that Air is about books and studying. It can be about that…but the qualities of Air can be found in a regular guy who makes you laugh. Someone who likes to socialize and have a good time. If you meet someone who wants to chat you up, I’ll bet they’re an Air style person. Let’s take a deeper look at Air!

Air Element, What’s it all About?

So what is Air about? Well, it’s the element that rules our mind and the way we think. But it’s not intellectualism… it’s about thinking and communicating – and we all do that! Air is about how we use language to explain our experiences. Even our feelings are something that we need to put words to, in order for other people to understand where we’re coming from.
We love to share what we’re experiencing with each other and Air is the element that does the job.

What Do the Air Signs Represent?

Air signs represent language, negotiating, and socializing. In fact, all the Air signs are social, and the way that we communicate is broken down into how we communicate with ourselves, with one other person, or with a group of people. Air is in charge of all of it! Also, communication is not just talking. Writing is also a part of Air, and if you think of the way that email and texting have taken off you can see that we love to communicate in writing too! And just one more thing. Air is looking for truth. That’s why humanitarians are a part of Air. Truth and fairness! Air also rules humor. Comedians are always putting the truth in our faces and making us laugh about it.

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