Aquarius Sign Meaning: The Water Bearer

Because of the word “Aquarius” and the Water Bearer constellation for Aquarius, the Aquarius sign meaning is often confusing. People think that Aquarius is a water sign because it is called The Water Bearer. But it’s not, it’s an Air sign. The interesting thing about that expression “The Water Bearer” is it’s about the bearing or carrying of the water. The water element represents our emotions. And, Aquarius is involved with water by carrying it.

Water Bearer Meaning

The meaning of the water bearer for Aquarius is that the star sign can carry the emotions of others and not be influenced by them. This has to do with their quest for higher truth. They are able to carry emotions to reach an understanding of the truth. Aquarius bears the water, it can carry the water, or it can pour out the water with their mind. Aquarius has the ability to do this because carrying or transmitting water, which represents our emotions, happens through language. And, the Air signs, such as Aquarius, represent language. Aquarius is able to express emotions but it’s not the emotions (or the water) itself.

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