What Astrology Answers

Because we all have hopes and fears, we look for answers and reassurances. Will life turn out good? Will it be hard? Are there going to be struggles? How big will the struggles be? Will there be love? Wealth? Health? Happiness? These are the questions we all have – and they are the questions we wish we had the answers to.

So, can astrology answer those questions? Can it answer the big questions about marriage and children, career success, health, and happiness? The answer is yes.

Astrology: An Interpretation of Your Life Path

Astrology is the art of interpreting your life path. It shows your assets and your challenges. It speaks of your destiny and life purpose. It is the guide book to your life. And so, astrology answers the big questions because it shows you how and when to work on your life so that you can achieve what it is that you’re looking for. That’s pretty big. It shows you the how and when.

How to work on your life – meaning what specifically do you need to nurture in yourself in order for you to bloom as an individual. And conversely, what blockages have been created in your life and your personality that may be preventing you from actualizing your potential. Astrology shows you those things, and it answers the question of how to remove those blockages so that you can get out of your way.

The “When” of Your Life Path

But the even more powerful and astounding thing that astrology answers is the when of your life path. It shows you when it is optimal to make certain moves in your life. Or when particular difficulties will arise so that you can best be prepared for them. And it doesn’t just leave you stranded there with a prediction of doom that you are inexorably tied too. Astrology makes suggestions. The answers are not only when something will be going your way or not going your way. The answers help you to understand how to make the most of something that’s going your way and how to minimize times of difficulty.

Astrology: A Continuum of Energy

Because astrology understands the continuum of energy, there is space built into it for us to avoid, deny, or run from our lives and our purpose. But, the path always comes around, again and again, and in any given moment, astrology continues to have the answer to why something is happening and how to make the best of it.

So, does astrology answer the question of whether you’ll have children or not, or whether you’ll be divorced or live happily ever after? Yea, it can do that. And it can also tell you about your professional success, your income, home ownership, business ventures, friendships, and your health.

But they point us toward our happiness. They are the answers that speak to us of things we mostly already know the answers to.

They are the answers that affirm who we are, that solidify our life purpose, and that give us the strength to move forward with confidence and self-worth.

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