Astrology Birth Charts: Your Cosmic Piece of Music

Astrology tells you what the energy pattern was when you were born—at that moment when you became an individual. The planets were lined up in a certain way and that alignment is your horoscope – it’s your pattern. That’s why I need to know your birth time and birthplace to create your astrological chart. The horoscope for someone born in India won’t be the same for another person born the same day, at the same time, in London.

Your horoscope(astrology birth chart) is your cosmic piece of music that was playing at the moment you were born. That energy pattern is a representation of who you are. It’s a picture of your personality.

How Your Birth Chart Affects You

Astrology shows how that energy pattern affects you–how does that cosmic song that’s always playing influence you? You can anticipate whether higher or lower notes are coming up next, but not exactly what the music sounds like. With astrology, I can see energy patterns that are happening around you and explain what they represent. They affect people in very specific ways.

It’s amazing when you know what that energy is and you can do something about it. You can capitalize on the positive energy and learn to work with the negative energy. You’ll know how to control the energy around you, like knowing how to conduct a symphony and make beautiful music. People always say that it would be good if life came with an instruction manual and actually, it does. This is your horoscope.

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