The Fire Signs: Positive Traits

In our show we look at astrology by zodiac sign and in this segment, our focus is the fire signs. It’s all about the element of fire. What do you know about fire? Well we know that fire’s hot and we know it burns. But did you know that fire, the element corresponds with human personality? And in astrology there are three fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. They are different but as fire signs they have some similarities–they are creative, motivated, and enthusiastic. They are high energy and they have a common thread of having a lot of ideas, which comes from their creative nature. Let’s talk first about the light side of fire.

Fire Element: Types of Relationships

So, Aries is the first Fire Sign, Leo is the second and Sagittarius is the third. As we will see with all the elements, the first sign, Aries, has to do with the relationship we have with the self, Leo is the relationship we have with one other person and Sagittarius is about the relationship with all other people (society at large). The energies always progress in that way. The difference between Aries and Leo is that Aries is doing creativity for itself.

Leo is creative for others while Sagittarius wants to be creative on a social level. Their creative experience involves society–this is why Sagittarius rules higher learning, foreign travel and philosophy. It is creativity but on the most broad minded level.

On thing to make clear is that this first, second and third sign thing doesn’t mean that the third sign, Sagittarius is more evolved than Aries. It’s about the experience that each person is having as an individual.

Aries Personality: Good Traits

Aries are born independent, bold, and take no prisoners. They are warriors and activists for their own experience, for their own personal power and strength. It is an independent creativity that has a vision that it wants to see for itself.

The light side of Aries is that they have that boldness and vision and they want to see that vision happen in the world. They have strong leadership qualities because they are willing to stand up for themselves–for what they feel passionate about. For Aries, they say, “What do I feel enthusiastic about? That’s what I want to happen in the world.”

Leo Personality: Good Traits

Leo is more of a showman. That’s why Leos are gracious and entertaining, and they are very alive. They make great leaders. With Leo, it’s more about feeling passionate about the other person. “I want to motivate you.” “I want to entertain you.” “I want you to see how amazing I am.” It is directed at other individuals and not the self.

Aries wants to motivate itself and Leo wants to motivate another person. And, with Sagittarius, it’s many people.

Sagittarius Personality: Good Traits

Sagittarius rules philosophy so they need to be motivational and passionate for all of society, for everyone. We are talking about great philosophical concepts. They’re very adventurous, very motivated about higher truths and higher ideals. They’re very broadminded–they seek truths about all cultures. That’s why Sagittarius’ are often found in legal work, college professorial positions, scholars, and religious leaders. They are finding their creativity in ideas that apply to us all.

Astrology by Zodiac Sign: Fire Personality

The light side is that all the fire signs make other people feel happy because they have so much life. Fire is radiant, so therefore, when you are with someone who has that kind of energy, when they are excited and motivated, just by being around them, makes you feel alive. Fire people are awesome!

Fire is about motivation, creativity and enthusiasm. They are passionate about what they are involved in and what they are creating. You can even see it in children–they are very excited. A little girl who makes a cake–the idea that she puts so much motivation, enthusiasm, and passion into it because she wanted her friends and mother to have a piece. For Leo, it’s about sharing the cake, for Aries, it’s about making the cake, and for Sagittarius, it’s about releasing the recipe on the web, publishing the recipe online so everyone could make this fabulous cake!

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