Astrology Chart Free Reading with Takako

Dr. Craig: Thanks for being on the show.

Takako: Oh, you’re welcome, my pleasure!

Dr. Craig: Yeah, it’s great. So have you ever had an astrology chart free reading before?

Takako: No, it’s pretty much my first time to try.

Dr. Craig: You were born an Aries because your birthday is March 24.

Dr. Craig: So you’re very hardworking, right?

Takako: Yes.

Dr. Craig: Yes come on! You’re very hard-working. Okay and you’re also looking for, and don’t take this the wrong way, to be able to be really develop financial success. It’s one of the things that you would really like to have in life.

Takako: Yes absolutely.

Dr. Craig: Absolutely and I know I can probably say that to a lot of people but in your chart it really stands out.

Takako: Since I am a person that is running a business, I don’t really look for something on a higher level. I said so many times, as long as I can just have a sane life, I don’t really complain about my business. But more than that, I just always have little question mark about my private life you know. Sometimes, I kind of feel like I’m living here long enough and all my family, they are in Japan, so I just kind of have a question about, is it just okay to be in this country forever? I’s just a little thing.

Dr. Craig: That thing is going to get bigger.

Takako: Yes, I sometimes worry about myself that I feel so comfortable being just by myself and with my puppy.

Dr. Craig: Yes.

Takako: I’m not even dating with anybody. And, before, I used to always feel like, “Oh I don’t have anybody, how miserable? But actually I feel so comfortable right now.

Dr. Craig: Yes I hear that. You know, in your chart being able to have a relationship like that with a pet is a really good thing and as an Aries you could be very independent.

Dr. Craig: Right, Aries is very independent. Most of the time Aries doesn’t need anybody because they’re just good. They say, “I’m just okay with myself.” And maybe that’s some of the sudden thinking that you’ve been having that you’re suddenly realizing: “I’m okay just being by myself.”

Takako: Yeah, but it’s not that I don’t want anybody or anything but I think, if there is someone who can be good company, then it’s okay but if not, then I’d just rather be alone.
Dr. Craig: Of course, and that person will come to you and you should do is make sure that you’re not having that little thought in your head: “I wonder if I’m really, doing the right thing.?” You are, its okay for you to be comfortable where you are right now.

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