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Join astrologer to the stars, Dr. Craig Martin on the Inside Connection Astrology Horoscope Show to get informed, entertained, and enlightened. We’ll explore astrology, philosophy, and the mystic realm! Whether you know something about astrology & horoscopes or you don’t, this is the show where you get an eye-opening experience about your life and how it works, from behind the scenes. Each week we look at a different aspect of astrology, from the signs, to the houses, the elements, and your specific chart. We look at compatibility, myths, debunking misinformation, and how you can use astrology to get ahead in your life. We read charts of your favorite celebrities, politicians, and athletes. And you can participate! If you want a free reading, email us and be a part of our show.

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Not only do we offer readings on our show, Dr. Craig also chooses one winner a month from our mailing list for a free horoscope reading via Skype. So, join us on the journey Inside and prepare to be awakened!

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