What do Tom and Katie’s Astrological Charts Tell Us About Their Relationship?

Celebrity charts! Today we’re going to do Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. We know that relationship is not working out. We wanna take a look at why? Uh… it’s not really a very good relationship to begin with. She’s a Sag, he’s a Cancer. That’s fire and water. Really, he is very much into public fame. He’s got a lot of Leo in his astrological chart. She’s really into children and her creative impulse. So, the way they are even coming at their acting careers is totally different. Sag is also about higher truth and they love religion and philosophy but not fanaticism. And he’s got a kind of fanatical chart. Plus his Neptune is square his Venus and that kind of means that somewhere along the way she got disillusioned about what she had gotten into. His Pluto is also on her Virgo and that means oh… what does that mean? It means he’s oppressive, heavy, dangerous, brooding and she doesn’t like that. She has confidence and perfectionism issues and he’s all too happy actually to be right there with criticism and they both together have enough Leo in their chart to have an applause factory built into every room of their house. That’s their attraction, fame and even larger fame. But, it kind of turns out to be competitive between them.

Relationship Doom!

This is a classic power struggle and it is not going to be pretty. Tom is going to feel very lonely and very angry, Katie’s going to be even more disillusioned and immersed in her own family of origin drama. The heavy hand of guilt and responsibility is going to come down hard on her from every angle.

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