Death Card Tarot Meaning: Does it Mean the End?

Let’s dispel a myth right here, right now about the death card tarot meaning. The death card in the tarot, key 13th, does it mean you’re going to die? Absolutely not! You know people are so scared of that card. It’s been used in Hollywood endlessly. Turn that card, someone’s gonna die. No, that’s not what it means. It’s about transition from one place to another. It’s about new beginnings. If you change something in your life from one form to another, that’s the death card. It’s about recreating; change that hairstyle, get rid of that rug, change, transform. You want a good example? Tiger Woods, he got dealt that death card the day his ex-wife found out what was going on.

Mystical Tidbits, Tarot, and the Inside Connection

On the Inside Connection, not only do we uncover the inner workings of the astrological energy around us, we also look at other parts of the mystical realm, like tarot cards. Like astrological readings, people around the world want some insight about what their futures may hold. A tarot card reading taps into unseen energy forces around us and attempts to bring some understanding to people when they are looking for answers.

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