What is Astrology and Does Astrology Really Work?

What is astrology? It’s like a guidebook. It’s insight into the energy patterns that are existing now and are coming up in the future, because the movements of the planets are predictable. It’s an interpretation of the energy of planets in motion – in a predictable pattern – like music. It’s interpreting how planetary energy unfolds.

Does Astrology Really Work?

Astrology is based on astronomy. We know the positions of the planets in the sky – from the earth’s point of view. As they move, they make patterns and those patterns are the zodiac – the patterns are always there. The planets move at a predictable speed so the patterns stay the same.

Astrology is the interpretation of the positions of the planets in relation to each other. Just like a clock. If it’s 8:30, for example,, that’s an interpretation of the alignment of the clock’s arms – it’s really just the little hand by the 8 and the big hand close to the 6 and we interpret that to say it’s evening.

Astrology is an Ever Changing Energy Pattern

The movement of the planets is a description of an ever-changing energy pattern just like the musical notes of a song – they can be played so many different ways and each can have a different impact on you or you, or you (nodding to those in the virtual audience).

Energy’s the same. It has an impact on us. It’s like a cosmic piece of music. The sun is the lead vocals, Mars is bass, Venus is the back up chick and they continue to make a collective energy that comes out of them.

Astrology is being able to see that energy pattern and interpret it. The question is: How can it affect you?

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