What Astrology Isn’t and What Astrology Is

It’s not fortune telling, it’s not crystal ball gazing, it’s not someone with a turban and a crystal on their forehead, it’s not predictions about when you’ll meet the love of your life, or win the jackpot. Astrology is not a psychic phenomenon. Astrology makes predictions that are based on energy, it’s all about energy. It’s about energy that we can anticipate, like when you listen to a symphony, you have an idea of what’s coming next by the patterns of the music. It’s the same with astrology. We know the exact movements of the planets in the solar system and the energy they give off, but how we interpret that energy is up to us — just like the way we listen to a symphony–we know what will happen in measure #45 – but how we play that music or listen to it is up to us.

Does Astrology Work?

Astrology doesn’t tell us how energy will manifest, not 100% – it is not an accurate and detailed description of what will happen. Instead, it gives us a pattern, a theme, an overall look at an experience. The energy pattern that we are looking at is concrete but at the same time, it’s capable of manifesting multiple possibilities, like all phenomena. Like a storm coming in off the ocean, we can say it will knock some houses down but we don’t know which ones, it depends on the energy pattern. The way I use astrology is to see certain energy patterns coming into people’s lives. What can you do to be prepared for those energy patterns that are happening around you? Whether you acknowledge them or not, they’re there. Just like the sun and the moon moving across the sky. That energy is real. Astrology is how you relate to that energy that’s all around you. Are you prepared for that energy to become part of your reality?

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