Fire Star Signs: Bad Personality Traits

So, what’s the dark side of the fire star signs? Fire signs can be selfish and want to have thing so their own way no matter what the consequences. If they feel they are in the right, they feel very strongly and make sure that you know it. When their creativity is threatened or their vision is not being done the way they want to do it, it upsets them.

All fire star signs can be pushy, argumentative, and very much preoccupied with themselves.

Aries Personality: Bad Traits

Aries is known for being arrogant, because the creativity pertains to them, they don’t care if you disagree with them. They know they are right so it comes across as an arrogant energy. They can also be extremely coarse when they want to get their point across. It’s not a refined kind of energy, it’s abrupt! Aries can be only concerned with themselves, sometimes they don’t care at all what others think.

Leo Personality: Bad Traits

For Leos, they can be haughty. They see themselves as better than others and that doesn’t go over well with others. They need to have other people pay attention to them and can be pushy to get that attention.

Sagittarius Personality: Bad Traits

The shadow side of Sagittarius is brutal honesty. Their creativity is about that higher truth that is so important to them so they are always happy to point out the truth to others. They don’t recognize their truth as being insulting or hurtful. They want to be able to share that truth and make other people’s lives better but they don’t take into account how it may come across emotionally. Sag wants people to be inspired by all this truth, but sometimes it just misses the mark. Saying to someone, “You kind of look fat in that dress,” doesn’t make someone happy even if it’s true.

The dark side of Sag is also that it ends up being about their higher truth and they can get stuck with that. Ideally they are looking for a universal set of higher truths. The problem with higher truth is that ego gets in the way.

You can definitely say about all the fire signs that they are not completely concerned with people’s emotional reactions to their creative greatness!

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