Forgiveness – Astrology Love Advice

Looking inside – I find that there is no greater obstacle to loving than that of holding on to hurt. And what I mean by holding on is that – we often can not process our way through the painful experiences of our lives – we hold onto past hurts because we simply don’t know how to heal them.

People act in really bad ways sometimes. Perhaps they mean to – perhaps they don’t. There’s a lot of unconsciousness out there and it seems easy for people to just behave the way they want to without ever really looking at themselves – without any accountability – without really questioning the hurt they cause.

Those actions though – even when they directly effect us, hurt us – are not really about us. The bad actions of others are truly a part of that person’s personality and the dilemma that they have with acting from a loving, kind, and empathic place.

I see that forgiveness is the greatest healer of all. It removes the hurt. It does not excuse bad actions. It simply says, “your badness is a part of you, and even though it effected me negatively, I am not going to blame you for acting that way toward me.”

You see, each individual acts the way they do because of their own insecurities, imbalances, and negative behavioral conditioning – not because of us – much as they might like us to believe.

So, let go. Stop holding onto anger, bitterness, sadness, hate, and all that hurt. Forgive. It opens the door to greater levels of love than you can imagine!

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