Transcript of Dr. Craig’s Free Birth Chart Reading with Crystal

Dr. Craig: Crystal! Hi, Welcome to the Inside Connection.

Crystal: Hello, nice to meet you.

Dr. Craig: Nice to meet you too. I’m going to do a little chart reading for you and we going to start in with what’s called a natal chart. I’m going to be talking with you about the chart that you were born with and the energy that charts show. Okay? So, you know that you’re a Taurus, you also have a couple of planets in Taurus which make you very beautiful and it makes you also very loyal, and very, I think a good lover of aesthetics, meaning things that are beautiful. You’re good judge of character, you had a good taste. You have some significant placement in Gemini, Cancer and also Virgo on your chart. So those things in combination make you funny, talkative, you’re probably love to read, you’re probably very good with comedy or you make people laugh and you like to tell jokes. And interestingly there’s a strong maternal element to you, like you’re very nurturing. I’m sure you’ve probably been accused of mothering people.

Crystal: I’ve actually taken on a motherly role with younger children before.

Dr. Craig: It’s interesting because in your chart that maternal world is a part of your own personal identity. In astrology, it’s based on what’s called the 1st house. It’s your femininity. It’s actually the Venus and the Moon both in Cancer both in the 1st house in your chart. The interpretation of that is someone who’s very self-identified as a maternal person and your desire to protect people and mother them is a part of your strong personal identity.

Crystal: Right! Yeah… actually, I really agree with that.

Dr. Craig: Jupiter in your chart, rules your house of relationships, you’re not really wanting to be in the same old rut that you might feel like you’ve been for a while. Wanna say wow! How I gonna shake this off and create something new?

Crystal: I actually ended a four year relationship, this pas February. It was basically because I wasn’t sure if that person was the one I wanted to spend my life with. I changed my mind since then.

Dr. Craig: Does that person not want to take you back now? Is that what happened?

Crystal: Yes! That’s the huge problem.

Dr. Craig: If you needed that, if you needed freedom right? And you tried to go back and this person said that they don’t want you back then they are not really the right person for you and that’s more than just a cliché. Career is incredibly important to you and you’re gonna work on that because it’s gonna be a life journey for you. It’s very exciting one. You do have a happy relationship coming to you. It’s great having you on the show. I was really enjoyed talking to you.

Crystal: Thank you so much.

Dr Craig: Alright, sweetheart.

Crystal: Thanks, we’ll see you again.

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