The Planet’s Global Horoscope

Dr. Craig explains how current astrological conditions and global energy is affecting everyone. Learn how Uranus and Pluto are moving society forward, and why Mercury in retrograde may cause you to want to take a step back and breathe. Watch the planetary horoscope for today revealed.

Did you know that even the planet has a horoscope? Just like each of us, the planet earth is in a certain position in our solar system and that position can be mapped out on an astrological chart. The planet has a full energy pattern and the global horoscope tells us about the energy pattern that’s affecting all of us. We experience the global energy collectively all together.

Global Energy For All of Us

So, what is the effect of global energy on all of us right now? What’s the energy that is having a worldwide planetary effect on us? What is that energy pattern producing for all of us? First of all there’s a transit between the planet Uranus and the planet Pluto. This means that these planets are square. They have been for a while; they’re going to be for years. What this symbolizes is energy for individuals who are going up against authority. We see people rebelling against authority both in the news and on a smaller scale, within an institution or a family. Individuals feel they have the energy behind them to go up against authority to override things that they may not agree with or that they feel are unfair. This energy is moving us forward right now.

Mercury is Retrograde

Mercury is retrograde right now. That means that you should be careful when signing contracts. It’s better to hold off and not sign any for a while, especially if there are some confusing parts. Don’t worry, though since Mercury will be moving across the solar system and it’s going to end soon.

Importance of Relationships

Mars is in Libra. Saturn is in Libra, this is a serious time for relationships. We’re going to have to focus on them. This is the time to put your best foot forward in all your relationships. Take some initiative and be willing to compromise. It’s important to have the motivation to do this and you can achieve better relationships because Venus is moving from Gemini to Cancer. And, Cancer is all about relationships, the home, caring, and empathy. We’re moving from Gemini, or the sign that rules talking, even in love, to Cancer. Cancer’s all about nurturing. You’re actually going to be able to give someone a massage, cook someone dinner. Do something really nice for your partner, nurture a little bit. That’s where you are going to find the love.

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