Monthly Horoscope for the Planet

Well, we still have a very big energy – transformational energy that’s impacting us all. Tensions but also the release of tension are a very big issue globally. What’s happening is that people – individuals – are feeling more empowered to stand up to authority. This is the overall energy pattern. So, there are frequent upsets in the global calm right now. The bright side is that communication possibilities are very good right now. Jupiter in Gemini makes it easier for people to talk things out. And social media continues to play a major role in how quickly information spreads and public opinion is swayed.

Monthly Horoscope Indicates a Spiritual Awakening

There continues to be an undercurrent of spiritual awakening. It actually picks up in pace a little bit right now….with some Sagittarius prominently placed in the chart – we can see the spiritual awakening that’s happening on the planet at this time – move a little closer to the consciousness of people.

Monthly Horoscope: Time to Clean House!

And lastly – it’s a good time to get your house in order both literally and figuratively. What needs to be maintained in order to keep it working well. The garden needs weeding… the house needs dusting… now is a great time to do something healthy for yourself – clean out the unwanted clutter – and prepare for a new abundance.

And that’s the global energy minute!

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