Horoscope Signs Match for Love?

These are very popular questions; “What’s the best sign for me?” “Which horoscope signs match for love?” And the answer is simple and a bit complicated too. Let’s start with the easy part first. Signs are divided into element types. That means that all twelve signs are Fire, Air, Water, or Earth elementally. The signs are divided as follows:

FIRE – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
AIR – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius
WATER – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces
EARTH – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

It’s important to know what element your sign is. Your element tells you a lot about yourself and how you connect with other people. In general, the rule of compatibility is:

Fire and Air are good together and Water and Earth are also good together. That’s because Fire and Air are elementally compatible and so are Water and Earth.

Signs of the same element are also always good. So Fire with Fire, Air with Air, Water with Water or Earth with Earth are a good match.

All the other possible element combinations are considered not good or more difficult. These would be Fire and Water and Fire and Earth, or Air and Water and Air and Earth. Fire is not compatible with Water or Earth. And Air is not compatible with Water or Earth.

For example, Aries would be good with all the Fire signs and all the Air signs, but not good with the Water or the Earth signs. By knowing your sign’s element, finding which horoscopes signs match is easy.

Finding Which Horoscope Signs Match

When looking at how horoscopes signs match for love, the signs are important but their element is what determines whether they will match in a positive or negative way. The more complicated part of all this horoscope and sign matching is the fact that we all have a complete astrology chart with each planet is a different sign. We are not just our Sun sign and so we are more elementally complicated than just the element of our Sun. You can understand more about your complete elemental makeup by learning more about your full astrology chart.

But without having to do that, your Sun sign is a great place to start. The Sun in your chart is the place of your greatest self-expression. It is your default personality – it’s where you go when you’re connecting with your most real self. For this reason creating a positive horoscope sign match can begin with your Sun sign – and since we all know our Sun sign it’s also a very convenient and easy place to start.

Find Your Astrology Element

All you need to do is find your astrology element and you’re on your way to understanding a lot about how and why people interact the way they do. See a Taurus and Leo arguing all the time? That’s because the laid back and slow moving Taurus is put off by Leo’s need for the limelight. It’s a bad horoscope love match between Earth and Fire. While Taurus and Cancer, a positive Earth and Water combination, will be enjoying the good life and the comforts of home!

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