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Explore the chart of a Taurus with Aquarius rising in this live and free astrology chart reading with Justin.  Dr. Craig explains Justin’s horoscope. The ruler of his chart is Uranus, in the 7th house, and Leo, which makes him want a bold, showy, and unusual relationship, even if it might not be the best for him.

Horoscope Reading Transcript

Dr. Craig –“Justin, hi! Welcome to the Inside Connection.”

Justin – “Craig! Thank you so much for Skyping me in, I feel like I’ve won a game show today getting a reading from you.”

Dr. Craig – “Have you ever had a reading?”

Justin: “God, I only wish that I did. One woman that called herself a fortune teller touched my palm one day, and basically she said, “you’ll have seven years of bad luck.”

Dr. Craig: “I find in my private practice, that a lot of times someone who has gotten one of those awful readings of doom comes into my office to say, “Is it true?” like I’m being asked for a second opinion, you know. So, an astrology reading is actually completely different than that, and while you and I might touch upon a little bit of prediction today, or what the energy is talking about in your chart, what direction it’s headed in, its first purpose is to talk about your personality and your challenges, and what you’re really here to learn.”

Justin – “Yeah, awesome!”

Dr. Craig: “Let’s take a look at your chart. Your chart is a picture of the planets and where they were at the time when you were born. OK. So, it’s specific for everybody because the planets are going around the sun, it’s sort of like a clock with a lot of different hands, and when you’re born it freeze frames them. Based on the time when you were born, you have Aquarius rising, So when we meet you, it’s like you’re sort of vivacious and a friend to everybody, you know, life of the party, but what you want to do is you want to include everybody. You want to be able to say, “let’s just have fun, let’s just connect, this is the way, you know that, we can really make things happen, is by being sort of connected to each other. A lot of humanitarian, generous qualities that you have.”

Justin – “Keep going. I’m constantly wondering where the next buck is coming, but every twist and turn that I take, it seems to come.”

Dr. Craig: “The sun is our star, and where we find it in the chart is the place where we usually have an easier time, that things flow more easily in that realm, and so for you it’s right there, in the second house, and so money through sensitivity, intuition, um, your empathy connection to people and what it is that they need. Those qualities of Pisces. That’s where you’re going to find that you make money.”

Dr. Craig: “Are you partnered with someone?”

Justin: “No, not at the moment.”

Dr. Craig: “One of the interesting things is that in your chart, the ruler of your chart is Uranus, and Uranus is in your seventh house, which is about wanting to have a sort of very dynamic, eclectic, a little bit different, but quite, maybe, bold and showy. I’m sure you’ve been with your share of people who are attention getters. People who are capable of attracting a lot of attention to them, because Uranus in your chart is in Leo, so there’s sort of an affinity for you to be attracted to Leos.”

Justin –“That’s interesting.”

Dr. Craig: “Evolutionarily, as you progress a little bit beyond that, in this lifetime, you’re going to realize it would be better for you to be with somebody who’s a little more service oriented, perhaps a little intense, but, you don’t want them to be too picky or too fault-finding, but you want them to actually be less about themselves and more about the couple, or perhaps more about you.”

Justin – “That’s interesting, because I’ve been, you know, walking away from dates with the same old type of person, and something inside of me is saying you know what, you don’t need to repeat this one…”

Dr. Craig: “What you’re putting out there is what you’re bringing back in and when you become more aware of what you need it changes what it is that you bring in.”

Justin: “I would love to slow down a little bit, but for some odd reason, people think I’m like, instead of born in 1958, I think they think I’m born in ’88. And it’s really, those are the types of people that seem to be attracted to me. And it’s kind of frustrating, because I feel like I’m a schoolteacher or a parent.”

Dr. Craig – “Yeah, those are the people, remember, that you’re attracting. You can’t be with somebody thirty years younger than you and not feel like a schoolteacher. You want to connect with something more mature…then connect with something more mature.”

Justin – “So, do you, so what do I need to do… other than listen to you?

Dr. Craig – “Yeah, no, stick with creativity, find out where you can really be that leader, you know? Allow yourself to be the face of your company, for sure.”

Dr. Craig: – “Thank you, it’s really been great having you on the show.”

Justin: “Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it, I feel very fortunate.”

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