Transcript of Free Horoscopes Reading with Kristine, a Virgo

Dr. Craig: Kristine, Welcome!

Kristine: Thank you!

Dr. Craig: You might know that you’re a Virgo.

Kristine: Uhuh

Dr. Craig: Great! But that really means that the sun was in Virgo when you were born. There are other planets in your chart which means they are also in front of the zodiac. So, if I say to you; “You’re moon is in Sagittarius.” You might not know exactly know what that means. I’m gonna explain it to you, but at least you will hear, Oh! I have a little Sagittarius in my chart.

Kristine: Okay.

Dr. Craig: You’re not just a Virgo. You have so many planets in Virgo. It’s unbelievable and you have Gemini rising.

Kristine: Uhm

Dr. Craig: So between Virgo and Gemini. That’s a lot of going on in your head.

Kristine: Oh, yeah…

Dr. Craig: Yeah?

Kristine: Uhuh

Dr. Craig: Can you handle all of that?

Kristine: No

Dr. Craig: No?

Kristine: No, really I never really am without a thought.

Dr. Craig: It was the first thing I thought when I look into your chart like oh my God, she’s has a busy mind.

Kristine: Yes, I do.

Dr. Craig: The Virgo in your chart is actually in the 4th house, which is the house of home. You probably keep your house pretty organized and tidy. If you’re living that Virgo kind of experience you be might really want to keep things clean but it also speaks to the lessons that you have about family and home, and wanting to own a home. These are strong in your chart: to be a home owner.

Kristine: Yes.

Dr. Craig: You’re not a home owner yet?

Kristine: No.

Dr. Craig: But do you think about that?

Kristine: Oh yeah! It’s a big dream.

Dr. Craig: As somebody with so much Virgo in your chart. I think there’s a lot of self judgment, even external judgment of other people where you are constantly evaluating. Do you feel like even at the young age that you are that you’ve got somewhat of a handle on judging yourself and others or being too hard on yourself.

Kristine: I am the most so critical person I know. Yeah.
Dr. Craig: Yeah?

Kristine: Definitely.

Dr. Craig: You’re probably the most critical person that I know.

Kristine: (Laughing) Yeah.

Dr. Craig: You’ll find, I think the healing to that self criticism in recognizing your connection to family. You know it’s interesting about your house of relationships and it says that you’re actually going to meet someone through work.

Kristine: That’s how I usually meet them.

Dr. Craig: Right now, is a time when someone could show up and they’re going to be outside of the customary people that you’re normally meeting like, you’re really going to be a little shook up. It’s almost like a sweep you off your feet kind of feeling but not because it’s the person that normally does that to you. So, there’s an expression that you’ve gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find prince charming. There’s a reason for that kind of expression. It’s because, some of the magic is in that kiss, you never really know what you’re gonna get until you get close enough to find out.

Kristine: Yeah

Dr. Craig: Thank you so much for coming by.

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