Astrological Reading and Free Love Horoscope with Binny, A Pisces

Dr. Craig: Binny! Hi Welcome to the Inside Connection.

Binny: Thank you.

Dr. Craig: So, I’m going to be reading your chart, you’re natal chart, which is the chart that represents where the planets where when you were born. You have one of the most unusual charts I’ve ever seen. You have a chart that has a very focused and very powerful, intense life. It’s like almost a very ambitious, very auspicious life that you’ve chosen to lead. Do you know that? Can you feel it?

Binny: Somewhat, but can you expand on that?

Dr. Craig: I will! In astrology, you have the sun in Pisces. You know that because you’re born on March the 17th. You have four other planets in Pisces. You are really very sensitive, very imaginative, very creative, very like mediumistic. You have a very strong ability to intuit understand things that aren’t actually really being said. You’re very emphatic, very compassionate.

Binny: I think that is very true.

Dr. Craig: I haven’t seen the chart of someone really so sensitive in a long time because dividing the chart up into, say halves. You have a lot of planets on one half and they are all in the twelfth house, which is the house of Pisces and then you have all these other planets, actually in Pisces. So, I wonder if you can ever watch tv without crying at the commercials.

Binny: I was about to say that.

Dr. Craig: (Laughing) Because it’s like, you know that… you’re feeling everything and especially if there’s good acting in the show or something like that, you’re right there with them. The lesson that you’ve chosen is very advanced. It’s very much about you getting your own self, your own ego out of the way.

Binny: I think you have hit it on the nail. I would it’s pretty good.

Free Love Horoscope for Binny

Dr. Craig: You’re looking for a woman?

Binny: Yes.

Dr. Craig: Yes, and you’re looking for woman whose actually very strong willed because you want somebody who’s going to be able to take charge and make choices, and yeah… she needs to appreciate how sensitive you are but you just love a woman that’s got motivation and enthusiasm and wants to make things happen. You’re really not looking for somebody that wants you to lead the way. You’re busy doing that in your work. You’re busy doing that in your life with everybody else and your personal life will be so nice if you could meet that Aries woman. You know or at least if she’s not an Aries, she needs to be strong like that, somebody that’s on entrepreneurial and knows how to, like grab you and say; “Binny lets go!”

Binny: Yeah… I tend to get attracted to those kinds of women.

Dr. Craig: I know. I see that! I wanna let you know that there’s one coming. The one little thing about that is you have to be careful you don’t get swept off your feet so fast and then you know like find it disappears as soon as it came. So, I want you to be careful of that. Thanks for skyping in and being on the show.

Binny: Thanks for having me. Thanks for your time.

Dr. Craig: Thank you Binny

Dr. Craig: Okay, bye-bye.

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