Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: Negative Traits Water Signs

All the water signs can overreact because their actions come from their emotions; they become more emotional than other signs would. Less emotional people can be more logical. This is why people think that water signs are kind of crazy sometimes.

Cancer Negative Traits

Cancers can be emotionally hysterical. Lindsay Lohan is a good example of that. They can worry all the time. Their care and concern for others turns into true hyperemotionalism where they become hugely oversensitive. Cancers can also be smothering, and when they feel protective of you, you can feel really suffocated – like you don’t even have room to breathe.

Scorpio Negative Traits

For all the signs, the negatives are connected to the positives. For Scorpio it’s their intense investigative nature. They are aware that everyone has a dark side to them. They are aware that everyone is capable of betraying us or hurting us, so they can become very suspicious and very jealous. They can be very distrustful. They are also sarcastic – it’s a cynical kind of humor based on a negative belief – since they know that people have a negative side to them.

The author, Bram Stoker was a Scorpio who externalized all the darkness in the character he created– all the bloodlust and sexual charisma of Scorpio is there for us all to see in Dracula.
Jamie Lee Curtis is a Scorpio and she’s a scream queen. Rock Hudson was a Scorpio–he was the sexy compelling side of Scorpio but he kept his HIV a secret–that’s the secretive side of Scorpio.

Pisces Negative Traits

The negative side of Pisces is escapism and isolation. Pisces have a desire to isolate themselves. They do this because they are so empathic–they need to get away from feelings, they often escape with drugs, alcohol, sleep, food–they are the king and queen of addiction. Elizabeth Taylor gives a good example of someone who became drug addled and couldn’t handle the pain.

Others see Pisces as flaky and unreliable but from the Pisces point of view they need the space. When they say they are going to call and they don’t, this is because they are so emotionally overwhelmed that they can’t call. It’s not that they don’t want to, they are not able to absorb any other emotions from anyone else when they experience it as emotional overload. It makes it seem as if they are dismissing us but they are really not, they just need to take a step back. Kurt Cobain – he did the ultimate escape – he checked out on us, Bobby Fisher –– the famous American chess player he also just vanished and disappeared… George Harrison –he wrote all the sensitive very transcendent music for the Beatles, and Ted Kennedy was a Pisces – he cared about the well-being of the whole country.

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