Drama Moment – Pisces Traits: The Escape Routine

In the Drama Moment segments, we look at common situations that all of us can relate to in the context of astrology. Sometimes behavior that appears to be just plain bad or characteristic the person in question can be explained by their astrological chart. Do you know a Pisces who’s disappeared on you? Why do they do this? Dr. Craig introduces us to the inner world of Pisces and sheds light on Pisces often mysterious behavior. Here’s an example:

The Pisces Escape

A Pisces escape routine wreaks havoc on her boyfriend. Here’s what happened: A guy I know asks his Pisces girlfriend to be more accountable to him and she agreed. Then a few days later, she doesn’t tell him till a few hours before she’s leaving for the airport, that she’s off to Austin. He loses it.

They have a huge fight – he felt betrayed and like she just didn’t care. He really lost trust in her.

But for Pisces, it was all about protecting her need for space. She didn’t realize what a big deal it was for him that she was skipping out. She needs to learn to be more accountable to someone else. She can’t take off whenever she wants if she wants her relationship to work. Not easy for Pisces – but I think they’re going to work it out!

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