Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: Positive Traits Water Signs

There are three water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – let’s look at the positive sides of water first and let’s start off with Cancer.

Cancer Positive Traits

Cancers are very nurturing and protective. They are domestic. Cancer rules the archetype of the mother – think of Meryl Streep who played a mother in Sophie’s Choice or Princess Diana – who is also a cancer and we know how devoted she was to her sons. Cancers are very devoted – to home life – to domestic happiness.
Tom Hanks is a cancer – he’s a gentle, deeply feeling man – and Nancy Reagan is a cancer – she was so nurturing and concerned and she stepped up and took care of Ronald Reagan. Cancers are caretakers and they have great compassion for others.

Cancers are very domestic and that doesn’t mean they like to clean the house all day. It’s about the nostalgia, reminiscence, and how they create a strong foundation for us to launch in a successful way. They create a home or base that we can rely on or go back to recharge ourselves. Cancer loves to create that kind of environment.

Scorpio Positive Traits

Let’s move on to Scorpio. Scorpios are intuitive, charismatic, intense, truth seeking. Sometimes people find Scorpios intimidating because having a strong intuition–they make people feel like they can’t hide. It is not a negative trait for Scorpio but for others they feel more vulnerable when they are under that kind of intense scrutiny. It can be disarming for other people. Scorpios, like Larry King and Neil Young are both truth seekers, either in journalism or music. Condoleezza Rice – very poised and intense – you can feel she is just looking right through you. She is not intimidated, she is intimidating.

Pisces Positive Traits

Let’s look at the positive traits for Pisces. These guys are our empaths. They are capable of feeling what we are feeling. They can be extremely selfless, giving, charitable, and they are often involved in art, poetry, and situations where feelings can be communicated deeply through art.

They have beautiful eyes, deep – both Daniel Craig and Elizabeth Taylor are both Pisces known for their beautiful eyes. Elizabeth Taylor represents the sympathy, compassion, and charitable nature of Pisces, as she started many charitable foundations under her name.

Pisces are also connected to psychic and mediumistic phenomena. Because they are sensitive to the emotional collective, they are connected to the emotional experience of all people. If they are in tune, they can tap into the connections that exist between everyone. When an earthquake happens halfway around the world, Pisces feels it much faster than it can even make it to the news.

Edgar Cayce – he was a famous American health psychic who could answer questions about healing. He would go into a kind of trance and tell people what was wrong with their health. He diagnosed people with diseases before the X-ray machine and he was always right.

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