Prince Harry Revealed by His Astrological Chart

Can the Prince Harry nude incident be explained by his astrological chart? Prince Harry really is a very proper Virgo. And he’s very concerned with appearances because he has Capricorn prominently placed in his chart. It’s just that he can’t get away from his adventurous side. He has LOTS of Sagittarius in his chart. And his sex appeal? That’s SATURN in Scorpio! And this is exactly his dilemma.

Prince Harry Nude Explanation

One side of him is a jet setting playboy but on the inside he is very concerned with his social position and his place in society. It must be very tough for him.

The amazing thing about Harry is that he gets to show the world that the royal family is not as stuffy as they appear to be. No stuffed shirt with Harry. And sometimes… no shirt at all!

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