Robert Pattinson Kristin Stewart: What Do Their Astrological Charts Tell Us?

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

She’s an Aries (April 9) and he’s a Taurus (May 13). It’s not necessarily the best combination but not a complete horror story either. The issue here is that Robert has his Moon in Cancer – he’s a nurturer. He was taking care of Kristen. As a Taurus he’s completely loyal. But it’s the care and protection that he was giving to her that makes this betrayal so deep and so hurtful.

As for her – She’s an Aries – which can make her a bit full of herself. But she has Moon in Libra – which makes her relationship oriented. But, she’s got Venus in Pisces and right now there are BAD transits to that Venus. This means it’s affecting her “Love Life.” So the betrayal comes from her misguided and self-deluded romantic fantasy life. It’s a shame – but really Kristen – what were you thinking? Oh, right, you weren’t!

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Kristen Stewart birth horoscope chart

Robert Pattinson birth horoscope chart