Scorpio Horoscope Sign

Our mystical tidbit for today is about the Scorpio sun sign. Did you know that Scorpio rules astrology. The energy of Scorpio rules astrology. They rule hidden knowledge, so astrology is the ruler of Scorpio, it rules the energy of all things hidden. The Scorpio horoscope sign is full of intuitive energy. This makes Scorpio people insightful because they pick-up on those subtle nuances. They get information about people and about things that other people don’t pick-up on. They are sensitive, they can feel other people’s energy very clearly and they are very careful about regarding their own energy. That’s what makes them suspicious, jealous and powerful. Famous Scorpios include: Katy Perry, Matthew McConnaughey, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Bill Gates–quite a powerful group of people right there.

Scorpios are Water Signs

Scorpios are water signs, and this means they are very tuned into people’s feelings. The water signs are all emotional energy and this energy is what allows Scorpios to understand so well what’s going on with the people around them. If you are in the presence of a Scorpio, keep in mind that know a lot about what’s going on under the surface.

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