About Dr. Craig Martin, Astrologer to the Stars

Host and Executive Producer

As host of the Inside Connection, Dr. Craig Martin entertains and surprises his worldwide audience with mystical and intuitive insights about life and love.  He possesses the unique ability to give free birth chart readings on the spot.  With this rare talent, he’s able to connect with and understand his guests in a way never before seen on TV. His approach works so well because prior knowledge or exposure to astrology is not necessary. He explains people’s strengths, flaws, and challenges in simple language that everyone can understand by relating personality traits and behaviors to everyday situations and nature. Who hasn’t met a person who walks on thin ice, is solid as a rock, hot as fire, or full of hot air? We know in an instant, just what kind of personality Dr. Craig is describing—no further explanation needed.

Dr. Craig Martin is an astrologer, spiritual counselor, relationship expert, and interfaith minister. “Dr. Craig,” as he likes to be called, focuses on teaching self-awareness, acceptance and love in a simple way.  In his best-selling book, Elemental Love Styles: Find Compatibility and Create a Lasting Relationship, Dr. Craig designed a system to help people find a more meaningful love and keep it. Dr. Craig lives and practices in Los Angeles where he has appeared as a guest expert on numerous TV shows including The Millionaire Matchmaker, The Daily Buzz, and KTLA News.

Dr. Craig’s unique and avant-garde method of counseling combines his practice as a homeopathic doctor with his extensive knowledge of astrology.  A graduate of the New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Craig brings his individual talents to the study of the planets and how they affect our day-to-day lives.  In addition, he earned a Doctorate in Theology from American Interfaith University, which adds a layer of spiritual understanding to the complex connections in our professional and personal lives.

For almost 20 years Dr. Craig was in private practice as a holistic doctor in New York City. He was a leader in working with difficult and complex cases.  At the same time he became a renowned educator, lecturer, and workshop facilitator in the tri-state area.

Today, Dr. Craig has a private practice in Los Angeles where he draws from his extensive range of knowledge and assists couples and individuals on the road to wellness. He changes their lives. Dr. Craig believes clarity and balance is achieved through awareness and that astrology and other intuitive arts are the best way to achieve that awareness.

Always looking for answers to his questions, Dr. Craig discovers new and exciting solutions through his on-going study of spiritual practices. By immersing himself in the many and varied occult teachings of native cultures he learns important lessons about human potential and the path to self-realization.  Dr. Craig possesses an innate talent to share what he knows in a way that everyone can understand.

Media Appearances


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