Inside Connection Astrology Horoscope Show

Show Description

Celebrity Astrologer Dr. Craig Martin entertains and amazes us with intuitive live readings and talk of all things mystical, astrological, and cosmic. On our show, it’s always astrology! Inside Connection is a fast-paced extravaganza of otherworldly knowledge where show participants from around the globe are taken on a journey of self-discovery. Through astrology and Dr. Craig’s vast experience in cross-culture spiritual practices, Inside Connection reveals personality strengths and challenges in a fun, engaging environment. Dr. Craig has created a unique and entertaining first-of-its-kind, interactive show that is inspirational and life changing.

The show explores identity, relationships, success, friendship, intimacy, communication, money, love, work, and more through the recurring show segments listed below:

Celebrity Charts

Dr. Craig reveals inside knowledge about celebrities’ lives and struggles. Using astrology, he exposes juicy tidbits about famous personalities of the past and present that no journalist could ever uncover: Bono’s secret to success, why Brad and Angelina’s relationship works, Prince Harry’s struggle with his wild side, why Elizabeth Taylor fought addictions for so many years, why is Jim Carrey so funny, and why does Leonardo diCaprio only go out with models?

Compatibility Column

How can a Fire and Water couple work it out? And, why are Water signs so compatible with each other? Everyone wants to know if their relationships are going to work so why not get some guidance from astrology. The Inside Connection offers viewers a new, fresh perspective on relationships and how to make them easier and more satisfying.

Mystical Tidbits

Did you know Scorpio rules astrology? What hidden knowledge do Scorpios have access to? Get the answers to these types of questions on the Inside Connection. In each episode, Dr. Craig reveals mystical insights and secrets about the hidden forces that surround us. With honesty, wit, and style, Dr. Craig leads us into the unseen world.

Astrology Readings with Dr. Craig

We all want to know ourselves.  But do we really know who we are; our lovers, friends, and family? How can we see ourselves more clearly, and how do others see us? Can we change who we are? Do we have any choice in the matter?  The answer to that is “YES!”

Dr. Craig looks into show participants’ planetary destiny via Skype.  He needs no advance preparation. By tapping into the deep energy field around each person’s astrology birth chart Dr. Craig brings great clarity about transitions and challenges that show participants are going through.  And mind you—-he does this with very little information—-all he needs is the birth time, birth date and birthplace to reveal truths about individuals and couples too.  Dr. Craig gives insightful, intuitive readings to show participants of any age from anywhere in the world.

Drama Moment

A Pisces goes into hiding.  An Aries overpowers her friends.  And a Sagittarius man just won’t commit. These are just a few of the typical drama moments Dr. Craig deciphers on the show. If you want to know your partner, children, co-workers or friends in a completely novel way, watch Dr. Craig break down their bad behavior to its root cause. Get an intuitive understanding about the people around you so next time you’re witness to their bad behavior, you’ll know exactly where it’s coming from.

Winner’s Circle

Align with your innate talents and natural abilities and success will always come your way. Let astrology be your guide to happiness in life.  Dr. Craig reveals winning strategies and tips for all the zodiac signs.


What does the Tarot death card really mean? Is it as bad as it’s been portrayed in the movies? Dr. Craig dispels this and many other common mystical fallacies.

Global Energy Minute

What’s the monthly horoscope for all of us? What global trends in world affairs and even in our relationships can we attribute to changing planetary alignments? It’s always astrology — it influences everything.

Dr. Craig breaks it all down for us—in the most fun, loving way—-to improve lives, create change, and entertain—-on the Inside Connection.