This show is all about water signs. We look at the water zodiac sign meaning for Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Water and Emotion

The element Water in all of us is about our emotions – it’s about sensitivity and feelings. Yes, feelings, you know…those things that make your life so high and so low.

Many people have a hard time with feelings because well… they cause us to feel something. The good feelings we don’t like to lose hold of..and the bad feelings.. we wish we never had to encounter them in the first place. But we all have feelings and it is our emotions that keep us connected with each other. Without the Water part of our personalities we wouldn’t have empathy, sympathy, compassion, or love. And that sounds awful. But it’s just the beginning of why Water is so important to us.

Water Element and Intuition

In our lives, the element Water rules our intuition, our ability to care for someone else, and our imagination. Water people are great story tellers and they are always there with the best shoulder to cry on when we need it. And face it, there are times in life when we all need that.

Water Element People

Water symbolizes people who are artists, caregivers, doctors, healers, and it’s also about intuitive people, like detectives and people who write and love mysteries. Some really great people have been born under Water signs, great artists like Rembrandt, Picasso, and Michelangelo. And also present day actors like Meryl Streep, a Cancer, Leonardo DiCaprio, a Scorpio, and Eva Longoria, a Pisces. These people are all deeply emotional and they are capable of sharing their emotions with us.

And.. let’s not get the idea that just because Water is emotional, that Water style people just sit around dwelling on their emotions, or that they feel sorry for themselves. They don’t. In fact, you know when you meet that person, who, in a very short time you’re telling them your whole life story… That’s a Water person. They listen. They’re easy to talk to. Because we can tell – that they care.
Let’s dive in a take a deeper look at Water!

What is Water?

What is the Water element all about? Well, it’s the element that rules our emotions and the way we feel. It’s not actually about the way we express our feelings. You see 10 people could say they are feeling happy, but they might all be expressing that happiness differently. Emotions are internal – they are about an inner experience.

Water is extremely subjective. What makes one person happy might not make another person feel the same way. And it creates the power behind many of our actions. We tend to move toward what makes us feel good and we move away from what makes us feel bad. So, emotions actually steer many of the choices and decisions we make in life.
As we know… emotions are very complex. It takes some people a long time to even understand what they are feeling. Words can’t usually adequately express the way we feel – but facial expressions can. Like right now – we’re talking about Water and using language – but if I just started laughing hysterically you’d get a very clear idea of how I feel. I can talk to you about Water, but it would be much more accurate if I was screaming at you or sobbing in front of you – then you’d understand how I feel. Get the picture? Water is about how we express what we are feeling about our experiences.

Water and Art

One reason that Water is connected to Art is because a picture is worth a thousand words. – through Art we are able to get a much clearer expression of how we feel than if we were limited to words alone. And great actors show us the emotional experience behind the character they are playing – it’s so much more than the words they are saying.

Water also acts like a mirror, right? We can see our reflection in it. That’s why Water people are so good at understanding us. They have to feel what we feel in order to be able to show it back to us.

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