In this first episode of the Inside Connection, Dr. Craig Martin, astrologer to the stars, answers the question, What is Astrology? He explains that it’s a guidebook, and can be used like a piece of music for guidance throughout your life. Astrology taps into energy patterns that are all around us and astrology is the interpretation of that energy. The segments in this episode include:

What Astrology Is and What it Isn’t

Dr. Craig explains first what astrology is not. Unlike psychic phenomena, astrology is based on astronomy, it is not fortune telling. It’s based on the real energy that is in our solar system as the planets move through the sky.

How Astrology Affects You

Delve deeper into astrology by looking at your horoscope birth chart which is your own fixed energy pattern. This pattern was set at the moment you were born and it does not change. How you interpret and use the positive and negative energy that is in your birth chart is what astrology is all about. If you are able to tap into the positive energy and minimize the negative energy in your chart you can better anticipate anything that comes at you in life.

Celebrity Readings

If you’re curious about celebrities and what makes them tick, take a look at their astrological birth charts. They reveal a lot about the person, just like they do about you and me. In this first episode, Dr. Craig looks at Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise and what factors in their astrological charts contributed to their split. If they had consulted an astrologer before the wedding, they may have thought twice!

Global Energy Minute

There’s a planetary horoscope for all of us. In this segment we discover what the global energy patterns are and how they affect all of us.

Dispelling the Myths

The death card of the Tarot is often used to symbolize gloom and doom in the Hollywood movies but what does it really mean?

Mystical Tidbits

Did you know that the sun sign Scorpio rules astrology? What does this mean for Scorpios? How does it affect their personalities? In this segment, Dr. Craig reveals the hidden power of Scorpios and how that power can manifest itself.

Free Astrology Horoscopes – Live Readings

In each episode of the Inside Connection, several of our viewers get the privelege of a free astrology horoscope reading with Dr. Craig. Viewers call in from all parts of the globe and participate via Skype. Dr. Craig reads the astrological chart of Kristine, a Virgo, Binny, a Pisces, and Crystal, a Taurus. In each reading, Dr. Craig focuses on where the energy is concentrated in the chart. Sometimes the sun sign rules but other times, there are other planets and that have a strong influence on personality.

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